Ken Summers was born and raised in L’Anse, Michigan with a typical UP childhood; hunting, fishing, hiking, and participating in high school sports. His father’s side of the family worked in the local ceiling tile factory while his mother’s side worked as plumbers, waitresses, and engineers. Ken graduated from L’Anse in 1996 and went on to earn his degree in Finance from Northern Michigan University.

In 2012, Ken was called back to L’Anse to be honored as the Distinguished Alumni. While delivering the commencement speech, he spoke to the graduates about taking risks and finding their passions. Ken thought about how he was receiving the award for being a successful businessman, but wondered how much that legacy mattered in the grand scheme of things. This experience led him to the realization that in 40 years, he would much rather be remembered for being a great father, husband, and friend, and for helping people and uplifting communities.

Ken moved back to L’Anse and made the decision to always put family and community first. Ken and his wife, Bridget, have spent the last 6 years being very active in serving their community in Baraga County. Together, they’ve started small businesses and served on the village council, school board, chamber of commerce, and community foundation — but Ken recognizes that there is still work to be done and that the time to serve his community further as State Representative is now.